10.23 / Process

Transforming Creativity: How AI Tools Benefit Graphic Designers

I’m typing this up a few days after remotely attending Adobe Max 2023, a design conference almost entirely focused on Adobe’s new artificial intelligence tools. There are so many questions that still need to be answered on AI, especially as it pertains to ethical guardrails and the future of work. But, as someone who has […]

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6.21 / Writing

How to Build a Sustainable Design Practice

Graphic designers produce things, often en masse, so critical thinking as it pertains to sustainability and conservation is something that we all benefit from. Don’t make things that no one needs Reducing the amount of physical material that we produce is a pretty logical place to start. One of the people that put the idea […]

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9.20 / Process

6 Great Design Books

Why design books are good I can probably present a pretty credible case for why I should be accepted as a minimalist, and ergo my general philosophy on possessing a thing is either a) I don’t need it, or b) digitize it. So, design literature occupies a counterintuitive place in my personal ecosystem. Everything is […]

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2.19 / Travels

Hawaii: Outsite Haleiwa

We were heading out to Hawaii for a wedding, and we thought, heck, let’s extend our stay! So, we booked a room in a co-living space. We’d be working, same as we would’ve been at home, but it would give us more time to explore the island of Oahu.

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11.18 / Travels

Two weeks in Mexico City

The World Design Organization named Mexico City the World Capital of Design for 2018. Having been to Cape Town just before it was named 2014’s World Capital of Design, this—along with an increasingly frosty political relationship with the United States—seemed like as good a reason as any to spend time in Mexico City.

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10.18 / Writing

New site, fresh start

“The work needs to get out of your head and on to the table, and it needs to be done from the heart.” -Paula Scher

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5.18 / Writing

Design myths: Above the fold

Just this year—yes, in the year two thousand eighteen—I was approached by a client asking if we should restructure their website so all the homepage content appeared at the very top. The idea was to avoid making users scroll. This concept, known as putting things “above the fold,” is the Energizer Bunny of bad design myths.

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3.18 / Writing

Good design requires good content

In my career as a freelance designer, I have come to appreciate a few things that can give any project a major boost. But these details tend to get overlooked on projects with smaller budgets. They shouldn’t be, though. Here’s why.

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